This basically sums up my experience swimming with the turtles today.  It was amazingly peaceful underwater even with the entire group of us clustered around the turtles.  What a wonderful last day of class!

The Rum Diary


Today, we visited the Mount Gay Rum factory where their 5 different varieties of rum are mixed and bottled.  We were greeted with rum punch and as our tour proceeded we tried three of their best-selling rums (aged 1-2, 2-7, 8-15 years) followed by a lunch buffet, complete with more rum punch and rum cake.   

Mount Gay credits itself as “The Rum That Invented Rum”

The factory is definitely on my list of must-see places in Barbados for any tourist.  The rum culture here is virtually inescapable and it’s really interesting to learn about the history behind the *Bajan water.

(*I just coined that, I hope it catches on)

Barbados: Where Time Takes Its Time
Mount Gay Rum Museum, visitor film
I’m officially on island time & I never want to go back!

I’m officially on island time & I never want to go back!

We are a plantation family
The Plantation dinner theater show. I’m still bothered by the name of the show but enjoyed having a full-blown tourist experience (which of course I found myself over-analyzing).

The Village People

I went to Pelican Village today to make some last-minute purchases and got to return to the Royal Barbados Cigar Company.  I was so glad to see Sandra again and was happy she remembered me.  Because today is a Tuesday, businesses in Pelican Village were virtually empty and all the shop owners were particularly chatty.  I’m glad I’ve gotten the gist of the transit system because it was very nice to be able to make a quick outing like I did today; I’m starting to realize just how much I’m going to miss it here.  

Words of Wisdom…

…don’t research food on an empty stomach!  Working on my presentation for this week, I spend a great deal of time researching Bajan food imports, traditions and recipes.  The combination of doing research, staying inside & being stressed over an assignment are all too reminiscent of UW life.  Luckily, all I need to do it take two steps outside to be reminded I’m in one of the most beautiful places in the world.

Take a Hike!

Today’s hike was unlike the Pacific Northwest hikes I’ve grown up on.  Our tour guide, a man of the earth, was all about off-road adventuring.  While I’m usually game to do some exploring, the hike involved more climbing and covered less territory than I expected.  But he kept his promise: we saw a part of Barbados few people have ever seen!

Nidhe Israel Synagogue & Museum

Dr. Watson gave us an amazing personalized tour of the Nidhe Israel Synagogue, the only synagogue in Barbados.  Of the many museums we’ve visited here (and on other travels), I was most impressed by the one adjacent to the synagogue itself.  The museum explored the history of Jews in Barbados and had a feature on the spice trade (and aromas to test your spice expertise).  I’ve always appreciated architectural beauty and today did not disappoint - white bricks, arches and intricate epitaphs made the synagogue particularly memorable.

l Ψ l Cheese, Eggs & Potatoes

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